Vintage & Antique Bears
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Vintage Steiff OriginalTeddybar
Has Incised Silver Button and ear tag from 1969/1970.
This Original Teddybar was manufactured between 1968-1990. This one is from 1969 or 1970.
A silver button with Steiff in incised script was used from 1960s – 1976.  The ear tag he has was used around 1969/1970.
He is 12" tall, has golden mohair and a shaved muzzle. He has a growler, too.
He is in great condition for a bear over 40 years old!.  No mohair loss.

Vintage Gund Plush Stuffed Animal from 1980.

This plush white monkey is in great condition for being 28 years old- fur is soft and clean.  He is 9" sitting or about 12" standing.

He is white with contrasting paw, face and ears (in a peach or flesh color).  Eyes are brown w/black pupils.

Very cute.

Vintage Hermann Bear
This older Hermann bear is 20" tall and made of very soft/silky mohair. He is light blonde with black tipped ends.  He has contrasting gold shaved muzzle and paw pads. He has amber & black glass eyes and is stuffed with excelsior (wood shavings). He still carries his Hermann chest tag and what appears to be his original ribbon.  I do not know his exact age. He is in very good condition for an old bear. Little/no mohair loss.

Vintage Gund Monkey
Gund Monkey with the old rabbit-faced "G" Gund label- which started in 1948. His label lists manufacture city as NY.  Gund moved from NY to NJ in the early 70's.  This older label suggests he was made in the 50's or 60's.
He is made of black curly plush with an expressive rubber face and felt ears, hands and feet. He is in terrific condition for his age.He has one felt hand which is torn awayfrom
the arm alittle bit.  His ears are just a tiny bit torn away from
his face- pictures show this. I don't believe  his
appearance is hampered by these small signs of wear.
His painted face is, for the most part, in good
condition. Lip has tiny area with paint loss.


Vintage Winnie the Pooh
Older Classic Pooh.
Made by Gund for Walt Disney Productions.
No exact date on tag- probably from the 60's or perhaps early 70's. Has the Gund tag from NY. Gund moved their production to New Jersey in 1973.
He is in very good condition for his age.  Only (small) flaw is his felt mouth- which is coming loose on one side & has a tear.
This pooh is a deeper gold color- unlike the bright yellow of current Poohs.  He wears a removeable bib with his name on it in white lettering. 
He also has a rattle inside- if you shake him, he rattles. Very classic look. Has the older elongated face.  10"tall, sitting.
Nice vintage piece.

Vintage Eden Music Bear -
Music Box plays "Teddy Bear's Picnic"

This Vintage Bear from Eden Toys is brown plush with suede paws. He is 10" tall sitting. He has a wind-up music box- plays "Teddy Bear's Picnic".  His music box works very well.  He is well loved, but in nice condition for his age. He has his sewn -in Eden tag, reading: Eden Toys Inc. N.Y. N.Y. 10001 USA" . He was made in the 60's.

Vintage Eden Music Teddy Bear- Plays "Teddy Bear's Picnic"  From '60's.  14" tall.  Music box is in excellent working order.
Plush is still very lush and in like-new condition.Suede paws.
Note: he has a pen mark on left paw (as shown in photo). Otherwise, very nice condition.

Vintage Eden Music Bears
10" and 14" bears.

Vintage Wind Up Musical Monkeys - Clockwork

These are wind-up musical moneys by Clockwork.  They are metal and "fur". They work very well.  When they are wound up, they sway from side to side and play their instruments.
They look terrific together playing in harmony!

This vintage musical monkey group is in great shape. They come with their original boxes, which do show age wear.  They have some tears and some writing on the boxes.
The drummer monkey does have an area in the back where his clothes are slightly separated from his body- photo shows this.   He beats on his tin litho drum while swaying from side to side.  The maracas monkey plays his plastic maracas while swaying from side to side and the Clashing Cymbals Monkey plays his metal cymbals while swaying side to side.

Set of 3 Musical Monkeys with boxes


Vintage Felpa Music Bear
Swiss Bear
He Moves!!
He is made of dark blonde mohair. Has peach colored felt pawpads. All mohair and paw pads are in good condition. No holes, worn spots, etc.
He plays "Teddy Bear's Picnic".  When the music box plays, he turns his head from side to side. This mechanism works fine. 
He is fully jointed. 14" tall.

Early, vintage Jestia Monkey
He has reddish-brown fur, with rubber face and hands. His arms and tail are completely wired so that he can be posed. 7" tall.  Felt ears with an imitation leather collar & chain.  He has his sewn-in tag with "Jestia" and the globe logo. A piece of the tag has been cut off.  The tag reads: Made in" -- the word, "Japan" is cut off.  He is an old, vintage piece.  Has normal wear for his age & it looks like a couple loose stitches around his stomach-I think they could be easily repaired but I am not handy with needle and thread and I wouldn't even try to repair it. I don't know his exact age.  His arms and tail feel crunchy. His "fur" is short and "stiff" (not soft, like a child's teddy bear).  I would quess he is from the 50's. I welcome any questions that would help you learn more about him. I am happy to provide any additional information or pictures.


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Cubby the Reading Bear by ALPS
Great Condition! Works well.
Best I've seen offered online.
This vintage toy was made by Alps of Japan in the 1950’s
Tinplate and clockwork mechanical bear turns the pages of a book with head nodding action.
Bear is in excellent condition.  Also in excellent working condition.


Vintage Mohair Knickerbocker Bear
This vintage Knickerbocker, from the late 1930's-1940's is in great condition.
Lush, golden brown mohair.  Great mohair coverage- slight wear in a few spots, but generally thick and lush.
He has replaced glass eyes, an inset black felt nose and black floss mouth. 
Excelsior stuffed head, soft stuffed body. 
Cloth tag sewn into his front seam reads, "Knickerbocker Toy Company, Inc. New York".

Very cute little 10" bear.  So adorable with his oversized "mouse" ears.


Vintage American Bear
Has features of bears made by Gund and Ideal and Knickerbocker
From the late 30's or 40's.
He is very big- 21" tall.  He is unjointed.
Made of brown mohair. He is a well-loved bear and does have some areas of wear and some mohair loss on his leg, head and side.   His few bald spots and areas of wear actually (in my opinion) don't detract from his appeal, but make him all the more loveable and add to his appeal.
He has a little tail! 
Has contrasting cream colored muzzle, ears and paw pads.  Head is excelsior stuffed- body is soft stuffed-making him very cuddly!
Plastic "spangle" eyes, floss nose and mouth.  He has big ears. He has a non-working growler. 
Looks just like he came out of an old-fashioned sepia photo- grandma when she was a little girl, playing with her teddy!
Vintage Cherry Red German Bear
He is made of soft red mohair, except for sheared cream colored muzzle, ears and paw pads.  Nose and mouth are embroidered floss.  I believe he is stuffed with capok, except for his nose which is straw filled.  He has a few signs of wear around his paw edges and on his forehead, but is in very good condition for an old bear.
Excellent mohair coverage with bright, vivid color.
He was bought in Germany in the early 80's. He appears to have been made in the 60's.
-18" tall
-fully jointed with swivel head
-has a growler
In a rare color, for an older bear.
shows worst leg mohair loss