North American Bear Company
Violet the Exercise Bear
This vintage teddy bear by NABCO is from 1984.  She is designed by Barbara Eisenberg for North American Bear Co.
She is 14" tall and is wearing her leggings, leotard & ribbon headband.

Vintage Bare Bears
Designed by Barbara Eisenberg for the North American Bear Company.
A pink bare bear and a blue bare bear are both available.  They are 20" tall and come with their tush tags, which state they are designed by Barbara Eisenberg, 1979

pink bear    $15

                                 blue bear $15

Muffy Vanderbear. Fortune Teller-  Gypsy (Fall "1991"). Wearing her original tagged colorful costume: Green floral dress with accents in red & gold trim, white eyelet lace & decorative ribbon & red tassel trim. Colorful matching metallic striped fabric vest, apron with red tassel trim & gold & red ribbon ties with five gold paper circles to represent coins. Her little shoes match the apron & vest. Adorning her head is a gold satin scarf with a gold paper embellishment to represent an earring. Muffy is soft & plush. Fully jointed.  7 1/2" tall. Original attached hang tag. Designed by Barbara Eisenberg.  Costume by Odl Bauer

Muffy Vanderbear-Fortune Teller Gypsy
Classic Muffy Vanderbear.
Original Muffy from 1991 .
8" tall. Fully jointed.
Mint Condition. Has all original tags: Sewn-in tush tags and manufacturer's hang tag.

Muffy Accessories
Her snow white muff for those cold winter days!  And her burgandy velvet drawstring pouch embroidered with her initial and flowers.

Both for $5
with her own cushy bed
Muffy's cute little puppy is darling in her plaid bow around her neck.  She is jointed and can pose sitting or standing up. She comes with her original sewn-in tush tags and her manufacturer's hang tag.  In mint condition, from 1991.  Lulu is 6" long/ 5"tall.
Her circular bed has a diameter of 6"
She comes with her own bed. So plush and luxurious- just perfect for a princess. It even has a stitched on label with "Lulu's Bed".


North American Bear Company's
Baby's First Critters -  "CAT". 
This soft plush cat is so cuddly and comfy. 
Safe for young children.
Great for the cat or NABCO collector, too. 
Cat is made of soft cream colored plush, with a corduroy coral colored dress with blue collar and embroidered design on the pocket.  Dress is not removeable.  Cat is 11" tall. 
This plush animal is from 1995 and is in brand new condition.
Sewn-in tags and care tags indicate this product is safe for all ages and meets or exceeds all government safety regulations.


SALE $7.99
Muffy of the North (Limited Edition Holiday 1994)
Muffy is ready for the coldest temperatures in her Eskimo parka with sueded boots and mittens. Muffy comes  with her pet white seal. Her traditional "fur" trimmed Eskimo parka has a seal motif around the cuffs and is detailed with Inuit-inspired designs.  Fully jointed. 8" tall. Original attached hang tag.  Designed by Barbara Eisenberg. Costume by Odl Bauer and Katya Bauer.
(original igloo box has not survived the long, cold years.)


Muffy of the North
Muffy Vanderbear & Seal
Sale  $30
SALE  $11
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